two men disputing contractIn the business and commercial world disputes regarding contracts can occur frequently. 

 These may include:

  • A disagreement over each side’s respective obligations
  • Ambiguous terms in a contract that may come up later when the importance and precise meaning matter the most
  • Unforeseen events occur making the fulfillment of the contract too burdensome or expensive
  • Non-Compete agreements between a business and a former employee
  • Sale of Goods
  • Consumer contract disputes

 Consulting an experienced business attorney before you enter into contracts may help you avoid costly disputes down the road.

 Individuals may find themselves in contract disputes which they didn’t expect or even realize they were a party to a contract.

 These situations may include:

  • Credit card transactions
  • Social media sites
  • Phone apps
  • Online orders

 An experienced business attorney can assist you with such disputes and help to guide you through the matter.